Pencil Sculptures

Some artists have great skills with pencils – though most of them use them to draw/sketch, instead of making sculptures like Jennifer Maestre. The sculptures are made by drilling one-inch section on the pencils, and then beaded with ‘peyote stitch‘. Many of them have animal-morphic genes in them. Here’s what the artist says:

Sometimes I have a rough idea in my head for a form, sometimes things go awry, and I end up somewhere I never envisioned. Sometimes I make a ‘pattern’ for myself, and follow it to see what happens. Many times, one sculpture will inspire the next. Originally, I was inspired by the form and texture of the sea urchin, I still make them out of pencils.

For a more comprehensive interview, head over to ReubenMiller.


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    very stinkng funny

  4. mar on

    thats shows alot of talent

  5. Anonymous on

    I had to find functions for the last pic as my math summative…

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