Color Perception Test

This is probably not for the color-blind – FM 100 Hue Test is an online widget/game that lets you test your own color perception and acuity. You are supposed to drag-and-drop the colored boxes so that they line up nicely according to the gradual hue-shift from the left-most box to the right-most box.

I probably didn’t do too well in the green-turquoise region particularly (apparently the lower the score, the better). I assume the score is probably something along the line of ‘total-difference-of-steps-between-input-answer-and-correct-answer’ or something similar).

Have a go here!


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  1. Gman on

    Very cool test. It would be interesting to see a distribution for the different age/gender categories. I’ve read that females typically do better on color accuracy tests. I was able to get a 4 though–just missed a couple in the 3rd green/blue bar (26, male).

  2. Gems Sty on

    Wow quite a good score you have there~ and after I’ve compared around (some of the comments on forums etc) it does seem like I’m quite a distance from par. 😦

    I should say I was very very sleepy in a dark yellow-ish tinted environment. Does that help? Heh.

  3. Gman on

    I think it can make a difference how good your LCD screen is, although the one I used was certainly not very color-accurate (work laptop).

    I found it easier to discern the difference between close colors by:

    – looking away from the screen, then back
    – squinting your eyes
    – un-focusing your eyes and moving your head

    By doing some of these things, I was able to spot outliers that were difficult to see when I was just staring at the screen.

  4. drawer on

    25 🙂

  5. william kane on

    I definitely just scored a Zero, wish there was more info behind the science of color perception,

  6. mik on

    i had 24 (25, male) and also had problems with the greens. my girlfriend did 4, with the same monitor/laptop.
    i guess a lot of people have problems with green tough.

    better get of the computers 😉 its not good for our eyes 🙂

  7. Nym on

    15 ; )

  8. sasha on

    Zero!!!but the next time – 4 😦 (22, female)

  9. aurelie on

    I got 0. 😀 (14, Female)

  10. Sathya on

    An average 23 for male, I guess

  11. Juan on

    8, but I think my TFT is not very good

  12. Greg on

    4, and I’m at work with people effing with the monitor settings all the time.
    I’ll do this test when I get back home on my color calibrated monitor.

  13. yuliana on


  14. S.Aiello on

    Cool test… Scored 0 ( 43 Male ) with a 10 year old LCD monitor. The final swaps on each of the colour bands was tricky. It helped when de-focussing/squinting. Also, when you think you have the sequence right, systematically go through again swapping adjacent colours over then it’s relatively easy to see if they were in their right place..! ;o)

  15. Nga on

    15 (17, female), very interesting! I had a little trouble with the blues. After looking for a while it seems my eyes played tricks on me and everything started blending together. I love making art, I wonder if that’s a big deal. haha

  16. aaron on

    4 🙂 17, male

  17. jeanna on

    No numerical score when I was done.
    Just got the message: “You have perfect color vision!”
    [30 Female]

  18. Anonymous on

    I got a 0, for ‘perfect color vision’. I was also doing the same thing S.Aiello mentioned about taking your ‘final sequence’ and swapping adjacent colors to see the effect; it really jumps out when it’s off.
    [25, female]

  19. Anonymous on

    perfect color vision! , that is score: 0
    [20, male]

  20. Anonymous on

    3 like a baws

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