Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show is a biennial affair showcasing production and concept cars from many major marques for automobile fans to salivate on. Here are just some highlights from the show:

Lamborghini Estoque

One of the highlights of the show was the Lamborghini Estoque – yes, Lamborghini is showing a car that you can actually enter/exit with reasonable ease! The four-door sports car is only the second in Lamborghini’s history. Personally I didn’t quite like the last third of the car from side view: it looked slightly awkward, like two cars were forcefully blended in the middle.

Some other interesting rides from the show:

Audi A1 Sportsback – Audi’s answer to a lower end, sporty and smaller car.

Mazda Kiyora – yes, yet another Nagare-styled Mazda concept.

Nissan Nuvu Concept – you’d either hate or like the cutesy electric car

Renault Ondelios Concept – Like a bird on the open roads

For more information about each of these cars, head here~


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