Thai Commercial

Thais are well-known in the region for their creativity in advertising – I’ve covered some of the funny and touching ads, and they’re also no stranger to ads that play more like a short movie. So here’s yet another:

The ad itself while generally well-produced isn’t too spectacular or inspirational – taking 4 minutes of air time to tell the story of a deaf-mute girl who learnt to play violin. What choked me though, was the last 5 seconds when the ad finally unveiled which product is for.

Pause the commercial at just about 3:55 and see if you can guess before the ad ends?


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  1. ChrisFizik on

    I watched it right through …had no idea what it was for …


  2. […] Another example of this comes from Gems Sty and their preview of a short film about a deaf Thai girl who learns to play the violin. See the article here. […]

  3. Nav on

    Right when she started playing and her hair started blowing I knew it was for a hair commercial… if you hadn’t of mentioned to try to figure out what the product it was for, I wouldn’t of guessed that it was something unusual

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