Sherlock Test

There are 21 continuity errors in this short clip that tests your observational skills – how good are you at paying attention, o Sherlock-wannabe? I totally failed this – couldn’t see any at my first try, and even after I saw the whole clip and rewatched the video, the changes are still so hard to spot.

I’d never be a good detective.



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  1. Royal on

    Jan,Actually try modifying the code at line 369 in ameta-includes.php to$order_array = &$order;$params = array_merge($params, $order_array); // php 5.3 wants these to be repreencesfhp 2.5.4 seems happy with that, and that php manual link seems to imply that that may be what php 5.3 wants.Please let me know if that works!

  2. Moustapha on

    Note: Hide My IP Address works by swapping IP aeedrssds with additional people that are using the same software. While it is searching for an IP address for you to use, it is giving yours out for someone else to use. How can you know that who ever get’s your address isn’t doing something very illegal?

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