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Breadcrumbs for Birds


A very interesting ideas – a direct upcycling if you will – as waste breadcrumbs get channeled into a feeder pod as birds’ food. Perhaps not exactly workable as it is, but I like the poetic connection in this design.

[via Tasarim]


Everything’s Amazing

I thought this was an inspiring rally urging us to take stock of what we already have – the technology advances we made would made people from fifty years ago drop their jaws  – and be thankful of that, rather than taking it for granted, be spoiled and nitpick.

Because, if you really think about it, our world is indeed amazing.

The guest is Louis C.K., a comedian on Conan’s talkshow.

CNC-Sharpening your pencil

For those of you who can get access to a CNC-lathe machine – here’s a waaaaaay overkill way to use it:

Fake Sunroof

I don’t know whether I should be laughing at the ridiculous notion, or be impressed by the creativity – witness the DECANO self-adhesive sunroof: for times when you want to pretend you have it but too poor to pay for it:


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Samsung’s Screen for little Furries

Cuddly animals doing their cute little expressions never fail – and that’s where Samsung’s advertisement angle comes from I suppose. To promote their Ultra Touch handphone (which boasts large colorful screen), they began to imagine how phones may be creatively leveraged if they were in the hands of our intelligent, furry friends – hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, etc.

Creativity + Cute: LOLcats tweaked for mainstream promotion.

What is Information? What is Architecture?

Nicely produced short videos explaining what is “information” and what is “architecture”:

Created by Maya Design.

F1 in 2009 – Cool Video

Even if you’re not really into Formula 1 racing, the video is yet another nice, slick and well-explained production (see video for Singapore’s inaugural F1), going through some of the changes to the race format in order to reduce costs for teams involved and to make the race more interesting.

“Seeder” Statue Sprinkles


I thought this statue “Seeder” in  Kaunas, Lithuania quite nice – how as nightfall the shadow gives the statue a new life and new angle – much more interesting than the daytime version I’d say!

Here are some other ideas (that didn’t make it) – many are as interesting too:

Light Graffiti

The concept itself isn’t anything new – in fact many of us has probably tried our hands on this, drawing faces or names with sparklers. But I thought Michael Bosanko’s execution was quite above the average:




The pictures are not photoshopped – just long-exposure photography (anything from 10 seconds to an hour) with light torches and carefully chosen backdrops – typically empty urban spaces at night. I particularly like the sense of depth that conforms into the space; in amateur shots the light source are often formed into 2D, flat words or maybe smiley faces, but in this case the light path transverse and flows along with the scene – e.g. the spider on top.

Good stuff!

[via Daily Mail]

Eye Clock



Certainly more whimsical than precise – Mike Mak’s Eye Clock gave me a warm chuckle as he links the eye movements to the hour and minute hands respectively.