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“Let it Shine” by Honda

Honda’s been building a reputation of making ads requiring intense, meticulous coordination and touching hearts one way or another – I’ve covered quite a few of them in this blog. Their latest ‘Let It Shine’ brings together a whole lot of (obviously Honda) cars on a field, using their headlights as little pixels that animate to the tune of a ‘Let it Shine’.

Not exactly breathtaking, but fresh nonetheless! By Wieden + Kennedy.


Dentist Namecard

Clever namecard design for a dentist


Learning Chinese Characters Through Illustrations

The Chinese language is composed of characters that have descended from sets of pictograms – stylized, simpflied drawings of the mountains, the sky, etc. into a few key strokes. With this as foundation it grows on to a full set of thousands of character.

It was thus quite interesting for me when I came upon Christoph Niemann’s “The Pet Dragon” work, which tells the story about, well I suppose, a pet dragon. However, unlike other story books, the illustration blends itself with Chinese characters, helping children learn and associate those (potentially) unfamiliar characters with something much more easy to understand – a picture:



I thought the form-association between the characters and the illustration makes a great bridge for Chinese-language learners, and certainly less boring than simple rote learning (plus, you get a free story to ride along!).

Daily Design Inspiration

Just discovered yet another nifty design aggregator called “The Design Inspiration“-


The site covers a few domains: logos, illustrations, websites, photos, and patterns. I’m not sure exactly how frequently it  updates – judging by a quick glance at the contents it seems pretty good, though I’d say its application is more likely towards whiling away time, browsing away.

It’s just too easy to get carried away munching these eye candies – the challenge really lies in whether you are able to internalize or really ‘get inspired’ by browsing like this. Still, a good find!

The Honest Scammer

We’ve all become quite acquainted with the Nigerian scammers – attempting to cheat naive people into wiring money over to some dubious overseas account in exchange for the hope of some grand sum of inheritance, business, etc.

But this “Mr. Robert Dutu” gotta be one of those with (at least the appearance of) some honesty – even while he attempts to scam:


This is just a part of the conversation -check out  the full transcript: it includes gems such as

Mr. Robert Dutu says: and i know my God will forgive because i pray to him to replenish the pockets of my clients with double of whatever they loss

It’s quite funny to see the intelligent conversation even as Mr Dutu still attempts to get Mike to wire money over, despite knowing that he’s not a most-likely prey. Can we say, professionalism?

Stand by Me around the World

Just a little feel-good, mashed-up MTV of people around the world singing “Stand by Me” in their own instruments and interpretation. Perfect for your Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Whateverday blues.

The World of 100


We have seen quite a few “if the earth was 100 people” type of illustrations, typically to make us realize the actual proportions of various metrics if we talk globally rather than our typical Western-centric impressions.

Here’s yet another set. Graphic artist Toby Wong used simple vector graphics to communicate the various metrics about the global population through a series of posters.

Which Paris?


I thought this piece of installation art/concept/idea by Tim Schwartz was quite an interesting project or commentary towards how we use the Internet:

The piece is attached via a network cable to the internet where it monitors news and search results for “paris hilton” and “paris france” and displays an average result in real-time.

“The Front Fell Off!”

Came across this rather funny satire:

Would this be how politicians/CEOs/legal departments/PR/whoever-else brush off problems and responsibility in the event of an accident/crisis?

Wozniak Dances

“Overall it was a disaster.”

“Watching a teletubby going mad on a gay pride parade.”

That’s what two of the judges concluded at the end of Steve Wozniak’s (arguably the world’s chief geek) dance on Dancing with the Stars. I must say I disagree:

It’s refreshing to see Woz still having so much fun, entertaining himself and the audience – really just being who he is.