Pinocchio Paradox


So… what’d happen?


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  1. Collin on

    It’s a lie when he says it, so it’ll grow.

    • Tom on

      But then he would have told the truth, so it wont…

      • xenon on

        It is not true until he says it : Existentialism
        It is true even before he says it : Essentialism

        Choose your god human.

      • Anonymous on

        well lets see

        we have to consider what pinocchio knows

        if he knows that his nose will not grow when he says my nose will grow then he knows he is lieing and his nose will grow, in which case he knows that his nose would grow which would make the statement fact, so we must conclude that pincochio does not know the state of his own nose.

        now, if his nose grows as a result of his lieing and he does not know about the state of his own nose, then there is no way for him to give us a report on the state of his nose which is intentionally truthful because he does not have access to the truth, which means that his report is neither lie nor truth because it would not be subject to those terms. so pinocchios ability to self-report nose states does not exist, therefore if the nose grows as a result of a lie, then it would not grow as a result of this statement because it is neither lie nor truth, in the meaningful sense of the words.

        now, if pinochio can indeed make reports about the state of his nose, and his nose grows in response to truth or lies, and we assume that pinochio anticipates this, then when pinochio says ‘it will grow’ and his statement is a lie and it will not grow – it will then grow. when he says ‘it will grow’ and he his statement is the truth, then his statement is *consequently* a lie and his nose will grow.

        furthermore, i believe that for a wooden doll this is far too complex a position to consider which leads me to conclude that he would not have a sense of his own truthfullness because he would be so confused which, i believe, would cause the nose to grow.

        however this last suggests that his nose responds to his inner state, not his speech, which would suggest that his nose would respond to his thoughts or feelings which to me seems generally a bit much to think of a fictional cartoon character.

      • Anonymous on

        xenon, perfect

    • qwertyuiop on

      the cake is a lie
      the cake is a lie
      the cake is a lie

      • Mark R on

        Love that game.

    • doodely on

      his nose would implode into his body and he’d grow a pencil dick….literally…. :U

      • Moo on


    • Dennis on

      A hole would be ripped in the space-time continuum. Its neither a true statement, nor a false statement. When Pinocchio says his nose will grow, he’s saying it with no thought to the consequences, and hence will be destroyed in the hole created by his own stupidity.

      • Anonymous on

        he can also achieve that by dividing by zero

    • random on

      it is both true and false: Quantum

      choose your science

  2. Ryan on

    Pinocchio’s nose would grow so long that it would actually travel one entire lap around the whole Universe before finally ending it’s journey where it began by stabbing Pinocchio in the back of the head, killing Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, while leaving Geppetto as the sole suspect in the double murder.

    • Mike on

      Actually a homicide/suicide.

      • Roger on

        But since Gepetto is the suspect of both their deaths, they’re assuming Pinocchio was not the cause of his own death.

      • PohTayToez on

        Actually it’s a toy and a cricket, so it’s not a crime.

  3. Dave on

    Nothing will happen. This supposes that Pinocchio has said it but this is merely an ink rendering of a wooden puppet who cannot speak. This also prevents the nose from changing. However if he were a real boy, in fact, his nose will never stop growing whether he tells a lie or not.

    • Tim on

      I liked it

    • Luke on

      Ceci n’est pas une puppet?

      • Anonymous on

        fala em inglês, pô!

  4. Collin on

    Upon further thought, his nose will actually disappear, on account of the Cease & Desist order delivered by Disney’s team of lawyers.

  5. Andrea on

    It depends on if in his mind he believes his nose will grow. If he believes it will grow, it will not grow. If he doesn’t believe it will grow, it will grow because he was lying.

    • Jimmah on

      Just because you don’t know the truth, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. If you say something false, but believe it to be true, it’s still false. Now if he had said, “I believe my nose will grow.”, then you would be correct.

  6. High Priest of Pinnochism on

    YOU FOOLS!!! Can’t you see that if he utters these words, the world will end?! Pinnochio has spoken to me through many visions and now that he realizes what he is capable of, he wishes for the entire world to submit to him. Only then will his threats to end the world cease!!!!


    If we follow and obey his holiness, we will go to a magical place after we die known as Disneyland. We will live eternally with the likes of Prince Charming, Jack Sparrow, Cinderella, and Pluto. If we deny our lord, we will go to the underworld, where everything is in Atari graphics and you are sodomized by Rancor every night.

  7. Ricker on

    this is like schroeder’s cat it all depneds on what universe you want to be in. in one it will grow in other it will not
    and in a third the electrons that make up the tip of the nose will begin an endless struggle that even with the biggest lie he tells next nothing will happen

  8. Steve on

    It’s self-contradictory and therefore meaningless.

    This is a restatement of the old Paradox of Epimenides. He hailed from the island of Crete, and the original statement was “All Cretans are liars.” This was later refined to “This statement is false”, in recognition of the fact that even if someone is a notorious liar, it does not follow that _every_ statement he makes is false. Indeed, the most effective lies are composed mostly of true statements. Ask an advertising copywriter, a televangelist or a member of Congress.

  9. biotele on

    1. It will start to grow on the quantum level. When the quatum length is observed, the wave function will collapse and it would not be know if the nose is growing because the momentum is not known.So Pinocchio is lying about knowing his “nose will grow now” so it WILL GROW.

    2. There is no “now”, only a continuous advancement from the past into the future. By the time the word “now” reaches the observer’s ear, Pinocchio’s statement is already in the past, and therefore Pinocchio is a liar and his nose WILL GROW but at “now + the smallest unit of time”.

  10. Steak on

    Pinocchio’s nose is a contradiction to the law of conservation of matter.

    • anon on

      @Steak: Pinocchio’s nose is a contradiction to the law of conservation of matter.

      Pinocchio’s nose just increases in volume… no where does it state its density… So it doesn’t contradict conservation of matter… as it grows it simply becomes less dense.

      • you on

        got owned

      • TCoWD on


        This is incorrect. If Pinocchio’s nose became less dense, so would the rest of his body for he is uniformly made of the same type of wood throughout his entire structure. Therefore, the continuous growing of his nose would result in Pinocchio floating. Since this does not happen in the movie we can conclude that your deduction is a false statement since we all know that all physics is based off of Disney movies. We can also conclude that Walt Disney is still alive and in cryostasis somewhere underground in a secret facility off the northern shore of Australia. Furthermore, since it is certain that Pinocchio has violated the Law of Conservation of Matter and subsequently divided by zero, we can conclude that a microscopic black hole has in fact formed in the center of earth and will continue to grow until 2012 where a massive solar flare will spike its growth causing it to devour earth followed by our solar system and eventually our galaxy as predicted by the Mayans. While we wait for our eminent demise i suggest that we continue to enjoy Lolcats in hopes that someone achieves enlightenment so that they might stop this tragedy from occurring.

        The Cult of Walt Disney© (and all other affiliated groups and organizations)

  11. cliff on

    The nose will not grow. It may appear to, but it will have been ‘shopped.

  12. ken creten on

    I think that Andrea is correct. What is the nature of a lie. My vote is that a lie is a statement by a person in direct opposition to what they themselves think to be true.

    But I’m not totally sure on that definition.


    • Jimmah on

      Like I replied on Andrea’s, he doesn’t make a statement based on whether or not he believes it.

  13. Ben on

    His nose will not grow.
    Indeed, his ears will grow.
    He will, however, remain to be a pathological liar.

    He will run for president and win the puppet vote due to barely-concealed racism, while accusing those who disagree with his radical policies as being racists.

    The press will be completely in love with the “historic” nature of his candidacy, and ignore important questions about the place of his “birth” (latent issues about his being carved in europe).

    Then, he will state that he is bringing “change”
    And government will grow.

    • Max on

      Let me guess.


      • Hubert on

        Wait wait … I know this one …
        Conservative … NO

        White … Yes

  14. Warren Goff on

    You have all missed the answer. His nose will grow wider and not longer. Thus he is telling the truth and his nose doesn’t get longer.

    • lee on

      your awesome

  15. ANON on

    it’s not a paradox. He says my nose will grow NOW. His nose will not grow. Which then means he told a lie. And THEN his nose will grow.

    • u like it on

      ur right

      • asdf on

        yeah best yet

    • Joe on

      egads! ANON does it again!

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  18. anon on

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    • anon on

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  19. anon2 on

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  20. jameth on

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  21. McLovin on

    I have poop in my butt

    • Anonymous on

      Thats fine McLovin, You want to worry when its on the outside, in the wrong place.

  22. Lovin McLovin on

    We all do.

  23. Kyle on

    Nothing will happen. Its not that he’s lying, its more that its something he doesn’t know. He’d have to KNOW 100% without a doubt that his nose was/wasn’t going to grow for it to be a lie.

    • Reaper on

      Absolutely Right. It’s not the fact that he is lying, it’s the fact that he is wrong. He assumed his nose would grow, but it won’t because he didn’t lie, he was just wrong.

  24. Harv on

    @ ricker –

    It’s Schrodinger’s Cat, not Schroeder’s. But you use it as an example of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, which is not applicable here. And in any case, Schrodinger’s Cat is an illustration of quantum superposition; not the same thing, although the many-worlds scenario is often used to “explain” the cat paradox.

    Just sayin’…

    Oh, and assuming there is a causal effect at all, the nose will grow. It MUST grow if he lies, but there is no proof that it MAY NOT grow at other times.

    • ricker on

      harv harv harv
      it was just a bad attempt at humor on my part you missed that
      so sorry you
      it is a stupid question and i was replying in kind

  25. Anonymous on

    His nose will explode, it doesnt have paradox absorbing cushions.

  26. Adam on

    By saying “now,” he is implying that the nose will grow in that exact moment, meaning not even a microsecond has passed. Assuming said nose has some kind of intelligent, mind-like mechanism that can value the statement and judge whether or not it’s accurate, and react accordingly (and by nature of the nose’s performance, this must be so) then the nose must take time to “hear” the statement, value it as accurate or inaccurate, and then either grow or not. In that precise moment when Pinocchio made the assertion that “[his] nose will grow now,” the inclusion of the word “now” made it a false statement, as it would have taken a finite period of time for the nose to go through the aforementioned process, and upon judging the statement as false, would proceed to grow in response, and thus no tenets of logic are violated. Quod erat demonstrandum.

    However, if “now” had been replaced with “within the next five minutes,” then we’d have some serious issues.

  27. Ross on

    Nothing will happen. He didn’t lie. The statement may be true or false, but it wasn’t a lie. Since his nose grows on lies and not false statements, nothing will happen.

  28. Jim on

    is it further to chicago or by bus?

  29. /b/ on

    it’s like dividing by zero….zero is the truth….anything else is the lie…..and infinity is the answer

  30. Maximus Mentis on

    Three possibilities:

    1 – It will not grow. Pinocchio is a fictional cartoon character and if he made this statement in his own universe, it would be really inconvenient for the writers to keep coming up with ways to work around having a continually growing nose or for the illustrators and inkers to put it on the page. So, they’ll come up with some sort of story line that justifies his nose not growing in this case.

    2 – It will grow – But only for a limited time while he goes on some adventure to fix it.

    3 – It will both grow and not grow at the same time creating a super-position of both states. This may or may not cause the universe to split into at least two parallel m-branes.

    • M! on


  31. Miguel on

    Some researchers and scientists say that these exact words were uttered just before The Big Bang lol

  32. Tom on

    it is a known fact that all Italian puppets are Tools of the devil. Plus thats a simple one, if he says my nose will grow now, that means it will grow seconds after he utters the sentence. making the sentence true, thuis shrinking it. You see timing is of utmost importance in matters such as these. his nose will begin growing and shrinking at a rate the likes of which would cause the nose to turn into pure energy. E=MC^2 clearly states that matter moving at the speed of light squared is energy. Pinocchio would become a being of pure energy, and as such, he would be able to rearrange his molecules into any shape or form. Answer: pinnochio will become what he wanted to be all along… A real boy. or he’ll be burnt to ashes from the friction.

  33. Nick on

    The argument for a paradox assumes that a groundless prediction is the same as a lie. If it is Pinocchio’s intention to mislead his interlocutor that causes nose growth, then a longer nose will reflect an internal desire to deceive. The paradox would only be apparent and not actual if his nose were in fact to grow.

    Making an honest prediction of nose growth (which would in this case suggest a profound lack of insight into the nature of his own nose) that turns out to be false is what we call an honest mistake. Pinocchio would be mistaken but not dishonest. The paradox is only an illusion.

    A fun post!

  34. Joe Greps on

    Pinocchio isn’t real kids.

    As typical of every example of Epimenides or Russels Paradox, should tell you something….

    • Anonymous on

      do you mean Russell’s antinomy? a set containing sets that are not members of themselves

      This is actually an important foreshadowing of both Godel’s and Wittgenstein’s dealing of the PM

  35. Stargazer on

    The statement contains both the future (“it will grow”)and the present (“now”). That cannot be, since our present can contain the light of stars that was emitted in the past, but not the light that has yet to be. Therefore the nose WILL grow, but we won’t see it. It will, however, be seen in distant galaxies, but millions of years from now. It will surely amaze them, and they will call it “pinochhio radiation”.

  36. qwerty on

    will his dick grow

    • q dogg on

      hahaha… you said dick

  37. nate on

    this was getting pretty brainy there for sec, good thing mclovin and qwerty came along to balance it out.

  38. Anonymous on

    He’ll accidentally the whole thing

  39. NoParadox on

    He has undergone gene therapy to make his nose grow.

    He is telling the truth.

  40. Truthful Pinocchio on

    Ok we know the following.

    1. When pinocchio tells a lie his nose will grow
    2. Pinocchio has said “My nose will grow now”

    The main question here is whether statement 2 is the truth or a lie. Let examine both possibilities.

    If we assume it is a lie his nose will grow as a result of statement 1 thus making statement 2 true.

    If we assume it is the truth then by simple logic his nose must grow for it to be the truth.

    Therefore by examining both possibilities we can determine that pinocchio is telling the truth.

    The belief that a paradox exists is because the mind automatically believes that statement 1 also works as follows: If his nose grows he must be lying. This is NOT necessarily true and is what generates the circular reference.

    • q dogg on

      His nose only grows if he lies dumb ass.

      “If we assume it is the truth then by simple logic his nose must grow for it to be the truth.”


      HE MUST LIE FOR THE NOSE TO GROW. There are no other mechanisms that make his nose to grow but lies. Worst answer yet! Save your “circular reference” crap for a poorly written essay, college boy.

      • james on

        q dogg is right… truthful pinnochio is a damn fool

      • ytrewq on

        You speak the truth, he is after all made of wood 🙂

    • Look at the Fact's on

      Truthful Pinocchio is on to something really. . .
      Consider for a moment that we don’t know any external factors, for example; whether Pinocchio happens to be in a bath of water. In which case his nose would surely grow because being a wooden toy he would expand slightly, given the moist environment, rendering the paradox merely a confusion due to lack of information. Which is common among people who believe in imaginary entities:)

      Lying is not necessarily the only way to make his nose grow!

      Hope this helps to show that you should always check what you’ve been told. . .

      • Look at the Fact's on

        Also he could have just that second told a lie and then very truthfully he could say: ‘Now my nose will grow. . .

        He seems to almost say it as a sad but inevitable fact;

        Alas! My nose will now grow, for I have not spoken the truth’

  41. tuff nuggit on

    Pinocchio would simply implode into a singularity being erased from existence so this universe could repair itself. He may exist in other parallel universes where different laws of physics may or may not apply, quantumly speaking.

  42. Yoda47 on

    I’d like to think that the magic responsible for making his nose grow would go haywire due to the paradox and he’d explode into sawdust.

  43. Frank on

    moral of the story

    FUCK disney

  44. got it on

    It’s not a lie, it’s a prediction. Thus his intention of whether or not it will grow is irrelevant. Only events that he knows the truth of can he actually lie about. This would mostly include events that have happened.

  45. 5moreMinutesMoM on

    no one really knows whats the real answer is, cuz everybody here is just Guessing, if you seek the real answer find the Blue Fairy who gave life to the poses puppet 🙂

  46. Anonymous on

    I think my penis just grew.

  47. Anonymous on

    Since this cannot be accounted for, this will trigger a bug in the Pinocchio source code, and he will just fall in to a heap of sticks and textiles.

  48. Wlat on

    As punctuated, Pinocchio is stating that his nose will
    raise or cause to grow something called “now.” There is
    insufficient information to determine what “now” is or whether or not the statement is true.

  49. DarkCloud on

    He’s not lying, he’s simply mistaken.

  50. Duh... on

    of course his nose will grow, just not rapidly. When he became a real boy, it was assumed that he would grow just like anyone else. He is telling the truth,and thus there is no paradox.

  51. kip on

    Predictions about the future don’t count as truths or lies.

  52. Superman on

    The carrot in his pocket is the part that is truly baffling! How is it that none of these observers caught that?

  53. @Superman on

    you my freind,got me on that, im still not sure if there is a carrot and im an idiot, or there is no carrot and im gulliable

  54. Marcus on

    This is unheard of! How dare you post such blasphemies!
    God created wood and animals for man to enjoy and toys for man’s children to play with, not to make sinful paradoxes which you should not think about!
    Erase this blog entry, please!

    • pablo on

      you blaspheming blasmatron, I order megatron to blasphemate you, smite you with vengence and furiouse anger. alos a spell checker. wood, WOOD…. WOOOOD for crying out loude, it was made so that we can make toys.


  55. Anonymous on

    i really don’t have time to read all of this 😛

  56. HitlerLives on

    I do believe that Pinochio is one of several Disney chartoon characters that Hitler drew, 2 or 3 of the 7 dwarves also. Now thats success that most artists can only dream of.

    pass it on
    carry on

  57. Dagan on

    His nose will not grow as he is predicting the future, and not predicting the future correctly is not a lie…

    Therefore he is a bad future teller and nothing else.

  58. daniel on

    Who’s to say that his nose can *only* grow when he lies? Can’t it grow under other circumstances as well?

  59. iggdawg on

    He doesn’t have the authority to make a positive claim about this nose. it would be like me saying “my cellphone will now ring” when I have no clue if I have a call coming. If he said “my nose just grew” it’d be a lie.

  60. chievous on

    The nose will oscillate with an infitessimally small wave height 😉

  61. Anonymous on

    This whole problem is inherently a non-causal system. The only way that his nose will grow, is if he said something that he knew wasn’t true. And it is impossible for him to have known the future, so he could not have lied. His nose will not grow. Or will it..

    • Evans on

      this is an accurate explanation. Pinnochio’s nose is not known to grow on future tense. Its only based on lies based on past occurence. Future tense doesn’t count in such simplicity. Let’s say he says, “My nose will grow before five minutes end.” Five minutes one second later it doesn’t grow. Then on those basis it will grow.

  62. Anonymous on

    I rip up a printout of the picture and forget this incident ever happened

  63. pablo on

    his nose ripped through the back of his head, it was very messy, lots of splinters

  64. Anonify on

    The first time he says “My nose will grow now” his nose will not grow because you cannot lie if you don’t know what the truth is. However, should he say the same thing later he will naturally assume that the nose will not grow again. This means he is lying and so it will grow. On subsequent attempts, the results will be mixed depending on how confused he is.

  65. Drew on

    Nothing will happen because this is a picture, not an actual event

  66. vedapushpa on

    Pinnochio’s statement : My nose will grow now… is neither a lie nor a truth… because the basic given condition is that Pinnochio’s nose would grow if he lied…

    So what is the paradox here?? It simply is a baseless statement…and thats it – I suppose ?!

  67. John on

    No spoken language is a real language in the strict sense of the word. Hence no contradiction exists (or is it because a contradiction can exist then it is not a mathematically complete language; but then Godel said …)

  68. Anonymous on

    This would actually be a paradox had Disney not omitted part of the original tale. In the original folk-lore story, the fairy that grants him life tells him that there are two kinds of lies, those with big noses (obvious, major lies) and those with short legs (subtle, white lies). Whenever he would tell a lie, either his nose would grow or his legs would shrink to match the kind of lie he told. In this instance it would seem that what he is saying is a major lie, so you would expect his nose to grow, but I believe it may result as being classified as a more subtle lie given the contradictions that arise. As a result, his legs will shrink.

  69. Dan on

    His feather tickles my nose.

  70. stumbler on

    thank you stumble upon

    • Hubert on

      i second that

  71. Serkan Yerşen on

    His nose will grow.

    Since, it’s not certain whether his now will grow or not, by the statement “my nose will grow now”. He will be lying when making a certain statement on an uncertain subject. Therefore, his nose will grow.

  72. another stumbler on

    Pinocchio’s os will crash because of a fatal error. Therefore his nose will not grow.

    Well, another theory: His nose will grow forever. With the speed of light, ehm the speed of lie. Conservation of matter is irrelevant for fictional characters. Anyway he provokes his fate.

    Or maybe it will grow an infinitesimal length: His statement is a lie, so his nose will grow. But as soon as his nose has grown only a little bit, the lie becomes true and his nose will stop growing.

  73. Og on

    An incorrect statement is not a lie unless it is purposefully spread to cause misinformation.

  74. Xiara on

    Funny 🙂

  75. Alan on

    My head just exploded.

  76. Kinn on

    His nose will not grow NOW, and therefore it will become a lie, and grow immediately afterward, like so:

    Nothing occurs
    Statement therefore becomes a lie
    So the nose grows.

    I guess we’d have to consider whether something is a lie before it doesn’t come true, or when it doesn’t come true.

    But for me, it’s when. So my earlier argument works for me!

    🙂 I’m not complicated.

  77. hardy on

    This statement assumes future. Future cant be true or false. True and false are decided by present or past event stated in the statement.
    e.g. “I will delete this comment in five minutes.”
    This wont be true or false until and unless i do something about comment in five minutes.

    Same way nobody can decide it’s true or false until something is done about his nose(in given time if time is given else it will be future statement always.)

  78. ROIZENGH on

    We shall never know the truth because by the time he finish saying this the blue screen shall appear and reboot it all mwahahaha

  79. Prof. Faust on

    This is an example of Gödel’s incompleteness theorems at work: for any system of axioms sufficiently complex to perform arithmetic (for instance), a statement can be constructed that is, in essence, equivalent to “this statement is cannot be proved by X” where “X” is some system of axioms (languages can be interpreted as such systems). Since there is no way to prove the statement, English is demonstrated to be an incomplete system of axioms. This should be no surprise to anyone with all of the ambiguity inherent therein.

  80. Shran on

    Sure sir…
    Would you like fries with that ?

  81. Narloch on

    Gepetto saws off an arm.

  82. zsfgzsrgwr on

    By saying his nose will grow NOW, he is referring to te instant in time at which he finishes his sentence. But during this instant, his nose will not have grown, therefore it is a lie, and therefore his nose will grow

  83. Saidfully on

    The statement will be ignored because its truth-value is either indeterminate or both true and false. For its truth-value is either true or false given converse conditions (the nose growing for true and not growing for false); conditions which obtain if and only if the opposite truth-value holds. That is to say that the conditions necessary (and sufficient) for the statement to be true entail the conditions for falsehood satisfied, which in turn fulfills the conditions for truth and so on. Given that the truth-value can only be either indeterminate or both true and false, the lie-grows-nose mechanism will not be triggered because: if it is both true and false, it cannot be interpreted due to its contradictory nature and is therefore incomputable and, as such, inaccessible to the mechanism; or if it is indeterminate, the mechanism will not be triggered because the truth-value is unknown, which renders it, in effect, neither true nor false. Therefore, his nose will not grow.

  84. Anonymous on

    As Cinderella said while sitting on Pinocchio’s face “Oh Pinocchio, tell me another lie!!”

  85. Rob on

    We need to know if the nose grows at the instant of the uttering of a lie, or immediately after. In the latter case, there is no paradox, thanks to the word “now”. In the former, we are totally fucked, as Pinocchio will implode the universe.

    Little wooden dickhead.

  86. Estragon on

    Not all untruths are lies. Only those which are intended to deceive. No paradox. By the way, the egg came first.

  87. lunitiks on

    Everything I say is a lie…
    except that…
    and that…
    and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that and that …

  88. brad on

    if pinochios nose was to destroy the universe from one lie, it would thus destroy the purpose of the existance of his nose. but if pinochios nose had the power to destroy purpose itself, Geppetto would harness this power to destroy his purpose(making wooden puppets) and actually become a runway model for the new fashion styles of the coastal regions, so that he would have his dream job, and his fish figaro would be able to move out of his fish bowl and into the sea………..all while having enslaved pinochio and learned to harness the powere of The One Great Nose Of Power

  89. brad on

    if pinochios nose was to destroy the universe from one lie, it would thus destroy the purpose of the existance of his nose(to simply grow after having told a lie). but if pinochios nose had the power to destroy purpose itself, Geppetto would harness this power to destroy his purpose(making wooden puppets) and actually become a runway model for the new fashion styles of the coastal regions, so that he would have his dream job, and his fish figaro would be able to move out of his fish bowl and into the sea………..all while having enslaved pinochio and learned to harness the powere of The One Great Nose Of Power


  90. brad on

    dammit, the fish’s name is Cleo

  91. Tony on

    Interesting paradox.

  92. Anonymous on

    there’s a glitch in the matrix

  93. gabe on

    Either it will grow or it won’t, depending on the understanding of pinocchio’s situation. We all know that if he lies, it grows, but does it grow if and only if he lies? He could say this and then his nose could grow on its own accord, which doesn’t mean he lied. If you believe that his nose grows if and only if he lies, then you could say that his nose would not grow, because when he said the words, he truly believed that his nose was about to grow, so he wasn’t lying and his nose would stay the same size, much to pinocchio’s surprise. If you reject this explanation as well saying that it was in fact a lie and his nose should grow, but it can’t because that would make it true: you are simply acknowledging that either pinocchio could not physically say this, or that pinocchio doesn’t exist. I tend to favor the explanation that pinocchio doesn’t exist, and, if he did, he could not possibly say this statement.

  94. Anubyte on

    Quick put the paradox in the box

  95. anon43 on

    He has obviously just told a lie in the instant prior to making that statement hence his nose is about to grow – it is not the case that the nose would stop growing just because he tells the truth in his next statement. The little wooden lying twat.

  96. SayItIsntSo! on

    What is said is a prediction. He is not competent to ascertain it as a truth value, not being able to actually see it come to pass. His is a binary OR function, being both true and false at the same time, but unresolved. We as observers can only speculate whether he is a liar or not. We are only competent to guess, not to ascertain since we are given only one frame and none subsequent. We may believe he is competent to know the future, but that is our task, not his. The game is not about him but us observers. Are we right or not? Now comes this web exercise and its creator. He is the final judge who can inform both us observers and the Pinnochio.

  97. Anonymous on

    his nose will grow, shink when it does, and contuine to do so.

  98. hahaha on


  99. AlexMoen on

    His entire body will actually increase in size, but his nose will remain in the correct proportion. Did his nose really grow? Depends on how you look at it. Did he really lie? Depends on how you look at it.

  100. Keywanda Monique on

    If he says his nose would grow then it is a lie but then if his nose grow then he’s tellin the truth so PINNOCHIO’S NOSE WILL NOT GROW…!!!!!!!

    • EkDor on

      But you see in that case his nose would grow… 😉

  101. Toyer on

    Without using a weak loophole regarding the instant he makes his statement, or if he was predicting rather than lying… The fact is, all we’ve ever been told is that his nose grows when he lies. Saying it NEVER grows when he tells the truth or at other times is an unsupported assumption.

    It’s unfortunate, because the nose growth can no longer be thought of as a tool to uncover a lie. The only real statement that can be factually made is “If you are sure he lied, you will observe nose growth.”

    This is exactly why lie detector tests are inadmissible in court. You could know that someone sweats, blinks fast and has increased heart rate every time they lie; but observing that behavior doesn’t mean they just lied. It could mean they just ran up the stairs after rubbing hot pepper in their eyes.

  102. Definitely not Anon on

    The part of his tiny wooden brain that controls nose growth would enter into a kind of eternal indecision, his nose will begin oscillating violently, growing, then shrinking, then growing, until it falls off and goes on a violent rampage, killing Jimminy Cricket, then Geppeto, and eventually being captured by the American military and used to develop a W.M.I, a weapon of mass indecision, sparking interest from the European, Asian and Middle-Eastern governments, resulting in WW3.

    Meanwhile, Disney falls and Ghibli Studios takes its rightful place as ruler of the animated world.

    • Definitely not Anon on

      Sorry, *Studio Ghibli, not Ghibli Studios.

  103. Atheist on

    My problem is actually with the spontaneous appearance of matter that seems to violate natural law.

  104. i art a fan of pinocyo on

    with these said, pinocyo will exist in our world

  105. i art a fan of pinocyo lulzar on

    i made up my mind! after pinocchio’s statement, the universe will formulate an infinite loophole which lengthens pinocchio’s nose and then shortens after 0.000000000000……..(infinitely)…..01 (or maybe zero point zero bar one) nanoseconds of lengthening thus actually lengthening pinocchio’s nose by the rate of increase of pinocchio’s nose length multiplied by 0.000000000000……..(infinitely)…..01 nanoseconds.. therefore i conclude that pinocchio said the truth.

    • i art a fan of pinocyo lulzar on

      or maybe an alternate of growing and returning to the original length.. haha

  106. anon on

    reminds me of another paradox. If god is almighty and powerful can he create an object so massive even he cannot move it?

    • EkDor on

      That would depend on the implied limitations of his power. If there is no limit to his power then the answer would be “no he can’t.” If there IS a limitation to his power then “yes he can.” No paradox…

  107. EkDor on

    His nose will simultaneously grow and not grow.


    Seems to me that as a “thinking entity” he does not know the the future, therefore “he” can’t lie or tell the truth about his nose. He can only assume an outcome through reasonable assumption which isn’t a truth or a lie. So I don’t think anything will happen.

  108. Alex on

    It’ll collapse into itself, producing a hyper-massive black hole that will suck the universe into itself, destroying everything in existence…

    … thanks a lot, Pinocchio…

  109. Anonymous on

    he should have said my nose is big …. that wud be lie abd wwhen it does grow big it will become the truth

  110. Vishwas on

    No, it’s not a paradox..
    Pinnochio can tell lie only if he knows about it. How come Pinnochio, knows weather it will grow or not at that particular time ?
    This statement cannot be categorized into lie or truth. It’s just a simple thought/prediction made by him. 🙂

  111. brisbane solar power on

    exactly. Its a lie so his nose will grow. Hmmmm??

  112. Anonymous on

    His noise will grow. He lies, because he’s italian and doesn’t know english, he doesn’t go to school…

  113. Sandwichfan on

    An unaccounted for variable here is his use of the word “now”. “My nose will grow now”. What is now? It is the very moment after he says now? Is it when he says now? Does he get five minutes for this to happen?
    The uncertainty principle will not allow Pinocchio to make this statement.

  114. Admiral Handsome on

    Well, he d

  115. Replay on

    Seems like he will have divided by zero by doing that, and because of that the universe will subsequently be destroyed…

    Either that or his nose will first grow, but then retract upon realization that what he said was the truth.

  116. coco on

    it would grow because as he says now it doesnt grow,so it would then grow,after “now” passes.after it grows it would stabilize

  117. anonymous on

    This is the solution:

    There is no paradox because Pinocchio doesn’t exist.

  118. Anonymous on

    player not found

  119. Hank Scropio on

    Ef me – a talking doll!

  120. Michael Doody on

    Almost everybody knows that nobody can certainly predict the future.

    Therefore if he is not ignorant of this fact, he knows he is lying on at least one level. Therefore since he is Pinochio his nose will grow, unless something else intervenes (like a meteorite strike). Therefore he is probably right in his prediction. Even though he is lying. If a meteorite hits before his nose grows, then he is both wrong and lying.

    If he is ignorant of the fact that predictions of the future are not certain, he has no business making predictions of the future and we have no business listening to him. A fool may or may not be deliberately lying, but the future outcome is not an indicator of his honesty in all situations.

    But regardless of that, one has to consider the possibility that he is saying it because he just seconds before told a lie that is completely unrelated. We don’t know what he just said before this, so no comment may be made.

  121. hfgudhfs on


  122. Anonymous on

    It’s not True and False, that’s not possible (not even in Quantum Mechanics) It is NEITHER true NOR false. A subtle distinction, but an important one.

    Now it just depends on the rule that makes his nose grow.
    If it is “False statements make his nose grow” then it does not grow
    If it is “Statements that are not true make his nose grow” then it does.

    There is no such thing as a statement that is both true an false, at least no logical statement. The paradoxes of quantum mechanics are stated as neither nors, not ands.

  123. Anonymous on

    Come one yall , after all hes only a cartoon . LOL

  124. Anonymous on

    well the key is the”Now”. Now is an instantaneous term only corresponding to the exact instant he states it. His nose will not grow until he finishes speaking then it will grow

  125. Rob Macy on


  126. Cortney Brewerton on

    His nose will just explode. The tremendous and infinite amount of equally opposing forces would not be sustainable by the thin wooden toothpick he calls a nose

  127. Blender on


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