Which Paris?


I thought this piece of installation art/concept/idea by Tim Schwartz was quite an interesting project or commentary towards how we use the Internet:

The piece is attached via a network cable to the internet where it monitors news and search results for “paris hilton” and “paris france” and displays an average result in real-time.


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    Hi SarahEnjoyed your episode 6 (and all your epdosies) very much. You make me laugh and I think you have your own unique style. I wish i could know you IRL.I am a mumbler as well. It drives my husband a bit mental. I find it is worse when I am nervous or a little unsure of what I am saying. Given you are podcasting and putting yourself out there, I am not surprised you find you mumble a little (and it is only a little and not that often). It doesnt bother me in the least and it is not nearly as bad as you think it might be. Thanks for a great podcast and it is very kind of you to offer up prizes as a cherry on the top.Tashtashbalaz on rav

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