PostSecrets through History

Postsecret is a well established site/gallery of postcard-sized images posted anonymously to unveil a secret or a shared confessions in art form.

Collegehumor took the idea and created similarly-styled postcards for the people involved in significant historic (or historically fictional) moments of mankind – what would they have sent if they had something to confess and have access to postcards and Postsecret. Some examples:




Head here for a few more!


2 comments so far

  1. Bob Honker on

    oi am owl

    • Gesualdo on

      If you can name any one person in that list you wdulon’t flip off, I’ll happily retract the whole list As for the reality, these are the people that piss me off, but I rarely flip another driver off. I just don’t care to waste that much emotion on some idiot who can’t drive.

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