A Class Divided

Found this video where a teacher (some years ago) injects an arbritary ‘rule’ for discrimination for a class of third-graders: “blue eyes are superior to brown eyes” to let the kids experience in first hand what racism felt like (at that time racial discrimination was probably still very much a norm).

Interesting video – in the comments of the teacher:

I watched what can be marvelous, cooperative, wonderful, thoughtful children turn into nasty, vicious, discriminating little third-graders, in the space of 15 minutes.


2 comments so far

  1. Ferinannnd on

    Подойдя к второму обзацу необходимо будет побороть в себе желание его пропустить

  2. Avertedd on

    Зер гуд ставлю 5 балов.

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