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Guaranteed to Wake you Up

If you’re the type that needs a whole lot of cajoling before waking up, this may just be for you!


Marching Band

Segway was meant to change the face of transportation forever. Unfortunately, that promise didn’t seem to pan out. One unexpected application, however, is found in this video – the mode of movement for an eerily creepy “marching” band. The smooth glide of Segway gives off a ghost-like aura, as if these were wandering spirits making music.

It’s a segment from the street performance “Glissendo” at a French art festival: “Lightning” by Philip Glass. Concept and technical design by Ulik (the mechanical clown).

Folding UK Plug


This concept design for the UK plug’s been making the rounds round the web like wildfire – probably as a testament to how much people loathe the big, fat bulky UK 3-pin plug. Here’s how it works:

Sounds like a student concept project (anyone knows who I can credit?) It’s a concept design by designer Min Kyu Choi.  There are certainly still many technical issues to resolve – putting numerous moving parts and hinges into that small an area will probably require a hell lot of (costly or difficult?) engineering to realize in a large-scale, cheap manner; the live wire looks really perilously close to the neutral wire in the assembly, etc. The final comparison for the 3-way plug was also somewhat unfair as the bulkiness of the plug-heads were also due to the transformer-circuits (e.g. in Apple’s plug).

That said, I loved how the design has approached this prickly problem and tackled it with an elegant and innovative solution (loved the fuse idea – makes it easier to change too!), while still maintaining the compatibility with the current sockets. Kudos to the designer!

Hiding Pregnancy on TV

Writers for TV shows or movies often need to blend real-life events/changes to the actors/actresses into the script – for example, when a character’s actor has died in real life, or when they’ve suddenly stopped acting for one reason or another, where the writer has to invent a plausible reason for the absence;

In this case, the ‘problem’ was pregnancy. The lead actresses (2 of them!) on How I Met Your Mother got pregnant, and the crew has to find funny and yet ingenious camera angles and props to help conceal the fact. Quite cute, isn’t it:

pregnant women on sitcom

The interventions ranged from loose clothings, scarves, strategically-placed props, you name it!

More pictures from Darren Barefoot.

Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow

Blast from the past – commercial in 1978 advertising Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow – you (more likely your kids) put water in it, and pretend-milk comes out of the udder. I wonder if we still have this type of … weirdly attractive toys around the aisle nowadays…

The Way Girls Are

A rather humorous short film about how a 8-year old attempts to understand the fairer sex through his observations and encounter.

Painfully Obvious Photography Tips

003 copy



Perhaps it’s a reaction against the endless photography tips or ‘rules’ like the Rule of Thirds – Ivars Gravlejs compiled a series of  painfully obvious tips for better photography – those shown above are just 3 out of a whole lot more. Though I must say (perhaps it’s the psuedo-artistic “I am cooler than you” vibe in me speaking out) I do prefer some of the “wrong” ones occassionally.

The collection here.

Salli Saddle Chair

As an industrial designer, I am quite intrigued in the approach that this chair has taken to resolve ergonomic issues. The task chair design is always a complex and often rigorous one – it has to fit many people, be comfortable to be used for long periods, by many people of different sizes and statures, etc., and it is always welcoming to find new designs and innovations on it.

The Salli chair in the video above does tackle some of those issues – with a rather peculiar focus in the marketing: a big chunk of the ergonomic benefits it is extolling are specifically to address the comfort of the nether regions. I just wonder though the amount of emphasis placed on it throughout the entire video seems to be making it more awkward for people intending to buy this chair…

Phone-Miniaturization Russian-Doll



Came upon these set of Russian-doll style mobile phones made of cardboard which simply goes to show how much our devices have shrunk over the years. With each generation we’re probably thinking in our heads “how could we have lived with anything that was before?”

[by Kyle Bean]

Karim Rashid Interview

Karim Rashid is definitely no stranger to many of us – here’s an interview from Nylon TV in his home as he talks about design – you can just catch glimpses of how he has filled up his house with design objects mirroring his personal style – though he also mentioned that he’s getting more and more dematerialized.

Hmmm. Actually I’d love to see Karim Rashid doing design that doesn’t have a tangible, physical expression…that should be quite interesting.