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Sony PS3 “The Play Face”

sony playface

When we’re immersed in an intense activity – gaming and watching a sports match perhaps – our mind enters z certain ‘zone’. Being fully concentrated on the game, we lose our self-awareness and personal restraint, unleashing the truest facial expressions.

That is exactly what PS3 wants to capture in their campaign “Play Face“:

It’s that face you make when you are playing video games and concentrating so much that you don’t even realize the kind of expressions you are making. And everyone has a different one.

Here’s a video:

There are also (very) similar prior projects though – such as “Immersion” by Robbie Cooper and “Video Gamers” by Philip Toledano. Concept originality aside, I thought highlighting the ‘play face’ was an engaging move by PS3 – we all know it, we are instinctively and visually connected with that ‘face moments’ if we’ve ever played any games ourselves, and it communicates the riveting nature of videogames perfectly.



Hello everybody…

Sorry for the (unexplained) absence the past few weeks – was involved in a very interesting project that limited my access to the inter-tubes…seemed like my domain sort-of expired while I was away too: fret not, it’s back and regular programming shall recommence! circa 1983

apple circa 1983

This is Dave Lawrence’s imagination of how the Apple website would look like, had it existed way back in 1983 when Lisa is new, and the Mac is still a year away. Check out the iPhone (not quite what we now perceive it to be)!