Maezm “Sharing Watch”

maezm sharing watch

It is the tiniest of gestures in watch design – but it’s one that I’m loving. As a young kid without a watch I often had to steal glances off other people’s wrists to determine the time, and I’ve always appreciated people wearing watches with very legible faces. The “Sharing Watch” by Korean design studio maezm takes the concept a little further:

When someone asks what time is it, the wearer simply has to raise his arm: the watch face is rotated clockwise 90degrees, making it easier for both parties to read the time.

maezm sharing watch 2

And it’s all achieved by simply (though really, this is probably the difficult part requiring very sensitive observation) discovering and communicating this very natural habit; and the rest of the design was probably straightforward with no modifications (minus the watch face orientation).



2 comments so far

  1. cy on

    if the asking person stand on your right side then this design become abit inconvenient, isn’t it? haha.

  2. Laurel on

    It is so difficult to find a plain watch with a white face and black ring, for some reason. What a beautiful watch and so smart with the sideways thing. How do you buy it?

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