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Radiographs of Trauma

While the incidents leading to each of the picture in the above set is probably a traumatizing one, there is still very much inherent (artistic?) beauty in the radiograph images, with a brief caption explaining the cause of each image over at this Flickr set by Surfactant. Check it out!


Away for 2 weeks

Off to another design field research for about 2 weeks…The culmination of hectic busy-ness in a foreign land … here’s to a smooth, safe, data-ful and insightful trip for me.

Lexus Carbon Fiber Weaver


Came across a video showing the carbon fiber rotary-weaving that is used to create the A-pillar of Lexus’ supercar, LFA, a car with a significant chunk made through advanced composite materials:

It’s awesome to see the complexity of the machine – the ins-and-outs to weave strands of carbon fiber – that goes into making a (visually and externally) much more elegant and graceful machine.