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Making of a Boeing

Time-lapse of the construction and livery of the Florida 1 aircraft – nice (unique) livery!


Design for the First World

This is a very interesting design competition: somewhat subversive, wholly novel but really the question for me was “what took it so long?”

Our fellows in the first world often come to visit and give us their well intentioned but often very problematic “solutions”. We thought, why don’t we pay back? Dx1W is a competition for designers, artists, scientists, makers and thinkers in developing countries to provide solutions for First World problems.

Design for the First World (Dx1W)

Just as how a person from a first-world country may imagine the ‘typical’ problems of the entire third world, there were telling suggestions of ideas/problem spheres for the developed countries:

  • Reducing obesity
  • Address ing aging pop u la tion and low birth rate
  • Reduc ing con sump tion rate of mass pro duced goods
  • Integrating the immigrant population.

I’d be very eager to see the results!

Alice on iPad

What does it mean if our real life books are like those you see in Harry Potter? Would this format grow popular, or would people soon settle down to the more mundane, but solid, experience of text-on-lines?

Google Maps as Social Commentary

I’m a little late to the party, but I’m loving this series of Google Maps inspired graphics from Christoph Niemann that oscillate between social commentary to pure whimsical imaginations:

Many more here!

No Middle Ground

Amit Gupta is calling it – “The laptop starts dying tomorrow”.

I’d agree with him too. Nobody around me buys a point-and-shoot digital cameras anymore – they’re all migrating to either pro-ish DSLRs, or perhaps quirky exotics like Lomo or Holga. The point-and-shoot just doesn’t have a place in competing for the consumer’s mind, because they don’t do any one thing particularly well, losing grounds in various aspects:

  • Quality: vs DSLRs;
  • Experience: vs Lomo, Holga, Polaroids
  • Portability: vs camera phones
  • Price: phone-cameras are effectively free

Does it mean that ‘middle-ground’, jack-of-all-trades products that try to seek a compromised middle ground will eventually have no place in the market? What are some of the other products that failed (or will fail) because they inherently always try to appease everybody, especially if designed-by-committee without a clear vision?

Planets as Notes

What if our solar system was a musical system – whenever a planet passes a point it makes a sound? SolarBeat by White Vinyl:

Design Currency

Love this video from Icograda – design currency:

I thought it was a CG computer-fakery, but as it turns out:

The theme of Design Currency 2010 is ‘Defining the Value of Design’. To promote the event and play off the ideas of currency and value, we designed and printed over 2200 custom bills and fed them through a money counter to create this animation.