As Google placed a Pacman doodle on its home page and cause worldwide productivity to drop, Wired did an article on the origin and creation of Pacman. Interesting trivia that caught my attention: And of course, the game was originally called Puck-Man, but the name was changed for America because someone might vandalize the “P” and turn it into an “F.”

Iwatani: Yes, the U.S. subsidiary said that that would be bad. We wondered, what should we do? And decided to change it to “Pac.” Then, after the American version came out with the “Pac” spelling, we used that for the entire world.

Read the full article here.


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  1. Grace on

    Found your site while doing a Google search on some design item. After that, I spent 3 whole hours going through every single page. Good job, can’t wait for new updates!

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