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Planets as Notes

What if our solar system was a musical system – whenever a planet passes a point it makes a sound? SolarBeat by White Vinyl:


Painting with Burger Grease

Phil Hansen paints the Mona Greasa with burger grease.

Stop Motion Graffiti

Quite an interesting stop-motion graffiti as the graphics on the wall come to life – must have taken a lot of effort and days to set it up … though I do wish the camera was a little less blair-witch.

Photography – Nailed it!


Czech photographer Vlad Artazov does great photography here with something as lifeless as nails – with dramatic lighting effect, props, angles and a deft hand to bend the nails into anthromorphic shapes, he seem to be able to extract emotions and human-expression out of the cold iron:



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Marching Band

Segway was meant to change the face of transportation forever. Unfortunately, that promise didn’t seem to pan out. One unexpected application, however, is found in this video – the mode of movement for an eerily creepy “marching” band. The smooth glide of Segway gives off a ghost-like aura, as if these were wandering spirits making music.

It’s a segment from the street performance “Glissendo” at a French art festival: “Lightning” by Philip Glass. Concept and technical design by Ulik (the mechanical clown).

50×70 Posters for Social Communication

Good 50×70 is a design contest/collection of social-conscious posters addressing seven of the critical issues affecting today’s world. Posters were chosen as the media for the contest as they’re the most direct way to convey a message and can be easily translated to other media. The creativity unleashed through the competition is then supplied freely to charities. Some that caught my eye:

Reduce CO2


guantanamo definitivo 3

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PostSecrets through History

Postsecret is a well established site/gallery of postcard-sized images posted anonymously to unveil a secret or a shared confessions in art form.

Collegehumor took the idea and created similarly-styled postcards for the people involved in significant historic (or historically fictional) moments of mankind – what would they have sent if they had something to confess and have access to postcards and Postsecret. Some examples:




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“I have a Dream” Tuned

I could perhaps label this video as  a weird and yet delightful blend of music, rap and Auto-tune – Martin Luther King’s iconic speech expressed and remixed into something totally different, and yet amidst all that bastardization the inspiration and evocation lingers.

Wonderfully weird web.

Youtube Symphony

Mash-up; collaborative web; globalization…these are just some of the typical terms you hear nowadays regarding the development of web technology – and this orchestra is yet another example, where the London Symphony Orchestra plays the Internet Symphony No. 1 “Eroica” – for YouTube, conducted by Tan Dun:

Personally for this specific application, while it’s interesting to see this (can we still say novel?) form of expression enabled by the web, the lingering question remains as “why?”. What exactly is it about this collaboration that makes it special, something that you can’t achieve with the typical orchestra?

Has the music become something different or special due to the ability to compose from multiple cuts of home-recorded videos? Not really. For me this became simply a ‘because-I-can’ demonstration – it has not truly leveraged the power of the collaborative masses. Not yet anyway.

Modified “My Little Pony”




The effiminate “My Little Pony” takes on a totally different role under the hands of student-sculptor Mari Kasurinen, who mashes them winged-horses with other pop culture icons such as Batman, Darth Vader and Pirates of the Carribean (as seen above).

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