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Google Maps as Social Commentary

I’m a little late to the party, but I’m loving this series of Google Maps inspired graphics from Christoph Niemann that oscillate between social commentary to pure whimsical imaginations:

Many more here!


India-Pakistan Border Closing

The border-closing ceremony at Wagah (between India and Pakistan) has probably been around for quite a while, though it’s only recently that I’ve came upon this interesting video documenting the daily ritual of shutting the borders. Peacocking around with much fanfare and exaggerated stomping and marching, guards from both sides engage in what is probably the world’s most entertaining (bizarre?) ritual in border-administration.

From Wikipedia:

The Wagah border often called the “Berlin wall of Asia”, is a ceremonial border on India–Pakistan Border, where each evening, there is a retreat ceremony called ‘lowering of the flags’. At that time there is a very energetic and thrilling parade by the Border Security Force (B.S.F), India and the Pakistan Rangerssoldiers. It may appear slightly aggressive and even hostile to foreigners, but it really is just spectacular entertainment for the crowds with grandstands having been built on both sides. Troops of each country put on quite an entertaining show in their uniforms with their colorful turbans. Border officials from the two countries sometimes walk over to the offices on the other side for day to day affairs. The happenings at this border post have been a barometer of the India-Pakistan relations over the years.

Certainly more than your average passport stamping!

Canal+ Ad

I think anything I say would probably give away the punch line – so: quite the fantastic ad from Canal+.

Wedding Magic

Recently there’s been a flurry of weddings and invitations – something along the combination of friends around my age getting hitched, and auspicious dates/months/years. For those who are thinking of getting married, here’s a video to either stress you (if you’re a guy), or to lift  you to dreamy romantic imagination (if you’re a girl):

I thought it was a relatively simple proposal, but apparently he has more magic up his sleeves than Mickey.

Fight for Kisses

I think… with the developments of Youtube, viral marketing and such, marketers have upped their antes in an attempt to out-weird one another – the ad above for a shaver is probably just yet another example of the absurdity (and yet hilarity and memorability) in the years to come…

Order McDonald’s with a Song

Makes ordering fast food that much more fun, doesn’t it? circa 1983

apple circa 1983

This is Dave Lawrence’s imagination of how the Apple website would look like, had it existed way back in 1983 when Lisa is new, and the Mac is still a year away. Check out the iPhone (not quite what we now perceive it to be)!

First-Person Shooter Disease

This cracked me up – meet Gene, who’d tell you how much his life has suffered due to “First-Person Shooter Disease”:

Nothing to Hide (Air New Zealand)

At first it looks just like any normal in-flight safety briefing video, perhaps just a little cheerier and more upbeat than usual. If you look closer, however, you’d realize that all the crews doing the briefing are… naked!

Fear not of indecent bits though – while they’re naked, they’re body painted with their usual uniform to still look very much un-naked; and of course, all their camera takes are cleverly angled and timed to avoid any sensitive exposure.

And why go through all these? The airline behind it – Air New Zealand – is promoting their tagline of having “Nothing to hide” (no hidden charges for checked baggage, refreshments, etc.). I suppose this somewhat gimmicky video just about captures this spirit and eyeballs!

(PS: the guy loading the baggage in the video is actually the CEO Rob Fyfe – I don’t suppose many CEOs have this sense of fun and involvement with their company!)

Hiding Pregnancy on TV

Writers for TV shows or movies often need to blend real-life events/changes to the actors/actresses into the script – for example, when a character’s actor has died in real life, or when they’ve suddenly stopped acting for one reason or another, where the writer has to invent a plausible reason for the absence;

In this case, the ‘problem’ was pregnancy. The lead actresses (2 of them!) on How I Met Your Mother got pregnant, and the crew has to find funny and yet ingenious camera angles and props to help conceal the fact. Quite cute, isn’t it:

pregnant women on sitcom

The interventions ranged from loose clothings, scarves, strategically-placed props, you name it!

More pictures from Darren Barefoot.