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Wedding Magic

Recently there’s been a flurry of weddings and invitations – something along the combination of friends around my age getting hitched, and auspicious dates/months/years. For those who are thinking of getting married, here’s a video to either stress you (if you’re a guy), or to lift  you to dreamy romantic imagination (if you’re a girl):

I thought it was a relatively simple proposal, but apparently he has more magic up his sleeves than Mickey.


Be an Entrepreneur

Be an entrepreneur now!

Written & Produced by Sonja Jacob. Designed by Ben White. For Grasshopper.

Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

Just a reminder to my self – try not to judge a book by the cover!

Everything’s Amazing

I thought this was an inspiring rally urging us to take stock of what we already have – the technology advances we made would made people from fifty years ago drop their jaws  – and be thankful of that, rather than taking it for granted, be spoiled and nitpick.

Because, if you really think about it, our world is indeed amazing.

The guest is Louis C.K., a comedian on Conan’s talkshow.

Things we Forget

Just discovered ‘TO DO:‘, a site chronicling Post-it notes left all over public places in Singapore, often reminding us of the simple wisdoms of life. An example – pasted (very appropriately?) onto a heart-diagram poster in a hospital:



I love that they are nicely (hand-) drawn – and perhaps someday I’d stumble upon one of these too!

Many more here.

NASA: A case for the Moon

NASA’s internal Powerpoint presentation style was critiqued by Edward Tufte who had even apportioned some responsibility to poorly structured/presented information in Powerpoint for the Columbia crash. Powerpoints like those are certainly not easy (at least for the layman) to read and understand – perhaps those decks really needed rocket scientists to decipher.

A rare gem coming off NASA is this presentation pressing for Moon exploration, though:


In the 100+ slides, “Why the Moon?” compares lunar exploration to the expedition to Antartica last century, drawing a case for continued exploration on the moon. Quite an interesting and inspiring read – PDF though.

The Inside Light


Cinco Design had done a rather intriguing project. The premise is this – inside every designer/creative is a guiding light that shapes our vision and fuel our creativity. So they asked a bunch of people to boil it down to one word, make a light box of it, and take a photo showing the reflection of the word on the person – they even have a making-of:



And here’s the interactive e-Magazine from the result of the shoot – TheInsideLight.

Amputee Ballet

Just saw this ballet performance by Chinese dancers Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei – an absolutely inspiring, beautiful and mesmerizing performance.

David Report – 5 key design trends

David Report has been turning in high-quality updates and articles on design issues – and the latest one is no different. Issue 10 chronicles 5 major theme that owner David Carlson has seen in 2008 – it is very well produced and inspiring – so head on to browse or download it.

The Influence of Television

This is a mash-up of an old but impassioned plea against being blindly led by the mass-media (particularly the television) and some current footages of US television (that purportedly shows how ‘brainwashing’ TV is). Quite a poignant video – the material and thinking is still relevant despite being said many years ago.

The meat starts at ~1 minute.